About: Me

My name is Anthony Hecht and this is my web site. There is a poet named Anthony Hecht, too. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, among many other honors. I don't care much for his work, but what do I know? He is also the reason no one will ever find me by Googling my name.


I stand about 5 feet and 9 inches tall, when I stand up straight, which I rarely do. Lately I weigh in the neighborhood of 155 pounds (11.07 stones). My hair is getting longer, longer every day.

Brief Bio

Born: 1974 - Baltimore, Maryland
Lived: Baltimore '74-'92, Chestertown '92-'93, Boulder '93, Chestertown '93-'94, Road Trip '94, Boulder '94-'95, Baltimore '95, Traveling in Asia '96, Baltimore '96-'97, China '97, New York '98, Seattle '99-'00, New York '01-'03, Travelin' Van '03, Seattle '04-??


This is Liz. We met in Seattle in 1999, working for the same company. We've been going steady since the Fall of 2001. We moved in together about 3 months after we started dating and we have a cat. More on the cat later. This is about Liz. She's lovely.

Liz is a native of the Pacific Northwest, and has traveled quite a lot too. Peru, Spain, she's big on the Spanish-speaking lands. It's okay, though, she's half Mexican.

As I type this, she's over there on her little laptop, looking for a job. Won't someone please give her a job? She's ever so talented and smart, adn we really need the money. In real life her teeth aren't that shiny. I'm not saying they're yellow, but they don't glow like in the picture. Just wanted to clear that up in case someone does offer her a job and they're suprised when she comes in.


Roo is the cat. He is, without question, one of the top 5 cats that have ever lived. In our book he's number 1, but persuasive arguments have been made for other cats, so I'm being diplomatic.

I never much liked cats for most of my life. I'm also allergic to them. But Roo is a good cat. Very loving and not all high and mighty. He's no dog, but for a cat, he's good people.

Roo hates to travel, as this picture clearly shows. He made that face for almost an hour straight.

These days Roo spends about 18 hours of every day in the laundry hamper in the closet. Warm, dark and stinky; cat heaven.

Let's see.. What else do I have to say about myself? I guess nothing. See ya.