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September 18, 2000
Well, this appears to have

Well, this appears to have worked. It's not exactly the way the other, "pre-blog" Core Dump was, but it's pretty close. At least it looks the same. The only think I don't think I can do is put a series of links at the top, the navigation I had on the old pages. I kinda liked that. And while I can keep the front page to only one entry, the most frequent archive setting they have is 7 days. So I'll be able to see the current post, but not have access to the previous 1-6 until the archive date comes up. I guess I can manually archive it each day if that will work. Maybe that will have to be the way to do it.

At any rate, it's working, and for now this will probably be the best solution. As long as I don't have to update what is now almost 20 files, and growing daily, everyday. It was getting out of control. Taking me so long to update all the pages with the link to the new page that by the time I got it set up and sat down to write my entry, I was sick of it and just skimped.

Okay, I think I have it all set up. We'll see how it looks after a couple of days. It has to work, really, because there's no way I could keep it up the other way. I guess I could work out a way to do it with Perl or something, but that will have to come later. For now, these guys have already done the work for me.

Anyway.. this has been a good weekend. Got some writing done, made some progress on getting Free/OpenBSD set up with a streaming server, and the weather was gorgeous. And only, lessee.. less than two weeks until the Phish fest begins. Vegas!!


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