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September 19, 2000
This will take a little

This will take a little getting used to. No preliminaries, no set-up, no formatting, just open up the blogger and start typing. Yup.

The damn TV is creeping back. Watched Monday Night Football and then of course it just stays on for a while. Okay, it's off now, and I'm ready for bed. Can't over sleep like I did today. It is evident that I need to be getting more sleep. I'll be in bed before midnight anyway.

I'd like to devote at least a little bit of time each day, or as often as possigble, to going through these Perl and Java books. Just a few pages or exercises a day will go a long way. Tomorrow is Tuesday, always a write off in terms of productivity because of trivia. That's okay, it's good to get out and do something with people, though from time to time it gets a bit tedious. Not the trivia game or the people, I guess it just becomes another part of the routine, and the routine is what starts to grind and eat away at me. I'm not giving up on getting that piano either. The teacher wants to wait to meet with me until I have an instrument to practise on. That's fair, I'm sure he gets a lot of people who he meets with, spends time with,a nd then they don't follow through. People who teach things like piano to adults must see a lot of that. False starts. I will definitely need to rearrange things in here a bit to fit any type of piano. The space by the window is enough, it just needs to be cleared of all the stuff that currently occupies it.

I have twenty minutes, eighteen actually, to do my bathroom bid'ness, get in bed, read a little, and get to sleep. Need sleep. There just isn't enough time. I should do like Gordon and religiously get 8 hours of sleep a night. I could as easily make that a habit as anything else.


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