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September 20, 2000
It's Tuesday night, so of

It's Tuesday night, so of course, I've had a bit to drink. This is normal. Normal for me. A bit to drink. We didn't win any woney, but at least Heather made friends with all the people that run the quiz, so next time freaking Spiney Norman wins, we can bust them for having too many people on their team. Those bastards. No wonder they always win, they always cheat. Or so we'd like to believe.

Otherwise, I keep typing Ps instead of Os. I can't decide if I should use an apostrophe for that or not. I guess I didn't. It doesn't really matter does it?

Sometimes I really wish I was gay, because then I'd marry Dave. He's sucha great guy, Someone I understand, someone I trust. The only thing I look for in a woman that he doesn't have is being a real woman. Too bad. Damn it. If I could find the female Dave, or if his sorry ass would change sexes already, I'd be in prime position for a happy, rewarding, satisfying life. As it is, I have to deal with the women of the world. Woe is me. Either they're crazy or they're religiously virginal, one can't win.

At any rate, it's probagbl time for bed. I may take the day off tomorrow, just for the hell fo it, and to le let the quizmaster tema catch up on some bug fixes. One day without me will no harm do.

It's quite a struggle to write this with as few typos as I've had so far. You have no idea. I'll quit while I'm ahead, or at least I percieve myself to be ahead.


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