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September 21, 2000
Wow, I hardly remeber writing

Wow, I hardly remeber writing yesterday's entry at all. I think I was even more drunk than I let on. Quite interesting to read what I wrote, not remembering writing it very clearly. It's like having a tape of yourself when you're wasted. Such brutal honesty does not belong in the sober world. Worlds colliding.

I've started my quest to learn Perl (again) and it's going well. Wrote a program that searches the perl FAQ and tested with the following result:

/home/ahecht/perl>./faqgrep.pl sort
How do I sort an array by (anything)?
How do I sort a hash (optionally by value instead of key)?
How can I always keep my hash sorted?

"How can I always keep my hash sorted?" That is the eternal question is it not? I'm always mixing up all of my hash. Oh wait, I think they're talking about something else.

I managed to turn the TV off today after only watching for less than an hour. Good for me. Watched some Seifeld, a little Olympics, then turned it off and got back to work, more or less. I'm having trouble with the overlap in my writing outlets. I fear I have too many now. Between this and what I write in the mornings and Themestream and Poofy Froofy, I'm at a loss. I want to keep up with Poofy Froofy, but Themestream is cool too because it's a little, teeny, tiny bit profitable and it's more public. The problem, of course is that no one in the public will ever read it. The nice thing about Poofy Froofy is that I send it to them. They don't need to make any effort, which is good, because when asked to do so, they won't.

I'm starting to think this is the central problem in most people's lives, including my own. It's just so much easier for us, and more comfortable, to say no. To not do anything instead of doing something. "Yeah, that sounds cool, but... I'm not going to do it. Why? No reason, I'm just used to what I do now." It's a serious problem. We're a bunch of blocked up, constipated mutherfuckers, thinking it's enough to just entertain the idea, but to actually pursue anything out of the ordinary would be selfish or just too much trouble. I think this way as often as anyone, but I'm trying seriously to curb it. Because in fact it's too much trouble not to.


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