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September 22, 2000
I'm powerful tired. Just can't

I'm powerful tired. Just can't keep it up tonight. It's about ten, I think I'll go to bed early and read for a while. My back is really hurting and I can't stay hunched over this keyboard any longer. Been working on too many separate things tonight, so none of them really went very far. All very disjointed and haphazard. So it's best to call it a night and get some reading done.

I think it's those Totino's that make me feel lousy. They can't be any good for you at all. Just a big slab of crap. I've just felt restless today. When it's really hot and still, like it was at work today, it makes me feel really claustrophobic. I can't sit still or concentrate. I feel a little like that now; like I need some fresh air. Maybe I'll go for a short walk. Go up the 7-11 and get a Gatorade or something. Sounds like a god idea. I bet it's nice and cool outside. Off I go.

...time passes...

That made me feel better. Of course, here I am, back at the computer. But only for a minute. Ha ha.. always another minute.
It amazes me that people can work at a 7-11, seemingly 24 hours a day, and not go completely insane. That one lady, and the younger Indian girl, they're there all the time. It's absolutely incredible. I can't rembember the last time I went in there and they weren't both there. I think the older lady must own the place, so I guess one can see her motivation. But jesus, I just can't imagine. The music is so terrible. Pop top 40 crap just playing softly in the background, day in, day out. I'm surprised there aren't more killing sprees by convenience store employees.


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