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September 24, 2000
September 23, 2000 This will

September 23, 2000

This will of necessity be a short entry. It's 2:15 in the morning and my eyes hurt. I've been, surprise surprise, working on a complete redesign of slapnose.com. This time from the top down, concept first. Well, it started out that way anyway. I may have lost site of that. At any rate, it will now have content on the front page, with other stuff hiding behind. The primary purpose will be some kind of content driven thing. If I'm ever going to get anyone to come back to my site again and again, it has to have fresh stuff fairly often. This new design will make that relatively easy. Just what exactly taht content will be I have yet to decide. I may ask Paul and/or Erik and/or some other people to write stuff for it if they like. I lifted a lot of design ideas from misinformer.com, I hope they don't mind. I didn't use any of their content, just some basic layout ideas.

Saw Ralph Nader tonight at Key Arena. It was very interesting to be at a political rally. First time for me. By the end I was pretty pumped up for Ralph though. He definitely has the right idea. And one of them was mine!! He advocated a "none of the above" election reform that was almost word for word what I've been saying for years. Weird. A great idea, of course. On the bus on the way home I got in a rather public debate with a guy across the aisle. He seemed to be agreeing with me, but he didn't realize it. No body else really said anything, just me and him for the whole ride. Then we got off at the same stop. Pretty funny. It wasn't an angry debate, it was enjoyable. It's nice in a way to have a group of people around when I'm going on about that kind of stuff because it makes me think out what I'm saying a little more. One on one with someone, especially someone I know, I'll generally just let fly.


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