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September 25, 2000
I may look young, but

I may look young, but I still suffer from hot flashes and night sweats.

One of those non-showering days. Spent some time outside sitting in the sun though. Got a lot of work done on the *new* slapnose.com, though of course I'm still not exactly sure what the hell it is.

"Some men get the world. Others get an ex-hooker and a trip to Arizona." I bet the guys who get the world wish they had the ex-hookers and the trip.

I haven't written a Poofy Froofy in a long time. I should dfo that. Write something anyway. I'll try to get the new slapnose together in the next couple weeks, though I'll be pretty busy what with all the PHISH I'm going to be seeing!! I can't believe the story Dave told me about almost running into Mike and almost getting backstage passes. Amazing. It's hard to imagine getting that close to something you dream of for so long, only to have it slip away because you decide to drive instead of walk to get quarters for the washing machine.

Nothing but good news tonight. Shooting downtown, sexual assault at the U, and two die in a kayaking accident. Maybe the Olympics have beter news. No, of course they don't. They have lots of soft focus fluff though.


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