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September 26, 2000
Rats. It's almost 11 again.

Rats. It's almost 11 again. My how time flies when you're not doing what you set out to do. I did have a nice talk with Leen and reserve a rental car for San Francisco, blah, blah. Practical things, not much creation. I'd like to get back into the Perl a little. Haven't moved since I finished that first chapter.

I hated to give so much money to those bastards at Guitar Center, but I guess I'm as likely to topple my principles as anyone in the face of a hefty savings. Of course the principle not to buy things from stores where the employees are assholes isn't a very strong one. It's more of a rule of thumb than a principle. A principle would be something like, "Honor thy father and mother." No, that's a commandment. I don't like those at all. Principle. What's a principle? Never rat out your friends? That's a good principle. Nice and easy to live by that one.

Though I hated to give them the money, I'm psyched that I'll have a piano now. It was a weird step, just standing there while the guy looked at me, making a big financial decision. I had already decided that this was what I wanted to do though, so I went through with it. Now I have to call Oscar and set up a meeting. It will be great to start lessons and start making some progress. Practising piano will have to fit into my routine somewhere. It's getting pretty crowded in there.


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