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November 21, 2000
Well, hell. I haven't written

Well, hell. I haven't written anything here in ages. And it's just shameful really to have the long-standing post end in "Yay!" How silly.
My motivation to write here again is mostly that it seems that this is the page on my entire web site that gets more traffic than any other. I'm not sure where all these people are coming from. I have had visitors to this page from all over the world, whereas visitors to the rest of my site tend to be, well, me.
My traffic tracking thing tells me who's been looking at this page and where they came from. I've had hits from Singapore, United Arab Emirates and South Korea. Greece, Denmark, the UK, you name it. How odd.
What's really interesting is where these people came from. Apparently quite a few people stumble upon this page by searching on google for, and I'm not making this up, "getting over relationships" and "sleeping naked". When is the last time you went to a search engine and typed "sleeping naked". It must be some kind of crazy perverted faction that seeks pictures of people sleeping naked. I guess anything with the word naked in it is pretty much fair game for your sickos of the world, myself included.

As for the update. Life is good. End.


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