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July 13, 2001
Back from the moe. show.

Back from the moe. show. Too many periods. They were good. I can be hard to please when it comes to a jam band show, but I liked them. They've got what it take, baby! Nice to be outside, have a few beers, nice cool evening, good music. I've missed it this summer, I'm excited for the Trey shows with Dave & Co.

Million dollar idea #253
Porn Chips - Potato Chips with edible ink printed porn pictures on them.

Work can be satisfying, in its way, when I have something to do. When there isn't much going on, it's spirit crushing. Must keep busy.

Just made it to pay day, about as close as I've cut it in a loong time. Vacation's will do that, but there's no end in sight. Gotta buckle down a bit, prioritize. Did well these past two weeks out of necessity. I need to make necessity. Fashion it.

Or a home theater.


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