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July 14, 2001
Okay, we've made a pact.

Okay, we've made a pact. And by god, we're going to stick to it! Come Monday, it'll be alright. I hate to quote Jimmy Buffet, but that's the lug you're looking at. Er, reading of. Er..

Parties can be so hit or miss, and this one was a hit, I'd say. Good crowd, not too big, some nice new faces, and the mid-party entertainment of.. what the hell were they? The Debutantes. They arrived and swooped in, greeting everybody and thoughtlessly remembering everyone's names. Biggest smile I've ever seen. "You'd make a great nurse!"

Good for us too making a clean exit. One can always stay, straggle out at 5:30, hammered or sobering up and tired as hell, but as Phish and Seinfeld have shown, it's always better to leave on top of your game. Leave 'em wondering.

And now for pot-cookie. Saturday morning and I feel like I have my own apartment again. Ah, but 'tis not to be.


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