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July 19, 2001
Guess what today is?? Yeah,

Guess what today is?? Yeah, good for me. Ain't I great.

Other than that, it's not such a great day. I did find out what those nitrogen tanks that you see on street corners with tubes going underground are, though. So I got that going for me.

Bored at work. I hate being bored at work. When I had my own little cubicle in Seattle, I could at least work on other stuff with relative impunity. Here, I'm always paranoid that I'll get busted. Of course it's not like I'm doing anything bad, I just may not be exactly working, per se.

So, do I get a celebration tonight for my specious accomplishment? I doubt it. It's not feeling like a celebratory kind of time right now. What with all this disease, not to mention difficulties.

Volleyball was terrific fun last night though. It's been so long since I've had that kind of fun. We got our asses kicked, but we improved with each game, so that bodes well. Always need all the boding we can get. I had a string of good serves, one block, and a couple decent plays. It was over too fast.


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