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July 21, 2001
I think the Friday party

I think the Friday party would have done well to have started a bit earlier. I also shouldn't have had 2 beers at the GasLight before going over there. But, hell, great movie. I know Rich and I enjoyed it.

I left feeling far more intoxicated than I had thought I was. Hit the train, and I was right asleep. It must have taken me and hour and a half to get home. Someone must have been holding the doors for a loong time...

There was a couple on the train with a baby, out way past its bedtime. They looked so tired, so unhappy. It was pretty sad. It was good to see that they were together, taking care of the kid, but they both looked so much like it was the last thing they wanted to be doing right then. A look on their faces like they were seeing the whole arc of their lives laid outbefore them, and it was almost a tragedy. There was no joy there. Just a recognition that they were in for a lot of work, a lot of fights, a lot of sacrifices that they never wanted to make. Maybe they did want to make the sacrifices at some point, but they weren't ready. I couldn't stop staring at them.

There are some decisions that you can't walk away from. Some of them are very deliberate, big decisions, others are sort of a combination of a bunch of small decisions that we don't think are that important at the time. With every compromise, every sacrifice of something we know we shouldn't, we're piling on. At some point, you get that look.

And then on the other hand, there's volleyball.


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