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July 25, 2001
This morning I was sitting

This morning I was sitting next to a girl on the subway. She seemed nice enough, pleasantly reading a thick book. At Delancy Street, the guy on the other side of me rose to leave, stepping on her foot as he passed. She cried out, "OW!" and looked at him like death. He tried to get out an apology, while still heading for the door, even stopping and risking missing the BING BONG. Her response was "YEAH, YOU STEPPED ON MY FOOT AND THAT'S WHY I'M OWING!". He looked perplexed, and mumbled some more "excuse me"s and "i'm sorry"s, at which she scoffed.
Two seconds later, she leaned across the aisle to offer her seat to a mildly pregnant woman. It was as if she was suddenly a very nice person, but we all knew better, and the pregnant woman wisely refused, preferring to stand than sit in the butt sweat of such a New York stereotype. I shouldn't have said butt sweat.

It was hot though.

Interesting talks on music and life with Alec Berlin tonight at the Red Light. Rich was doing well, as it was his birthday. Alec recommended a guitarist who plays every Thursday night at a bar in the West Village that sounded well worth checking out. I think I had heeard his name before and now I'm going to try to remember it.. Krantz? Wayne Krantz? That could be miles off. Let's consult the old internet.

Well, Wayne Krantz is a person, a guitarist ta boot, who plays in New York. So that must be him. I wonder where I heard of him before..

It's almost 1 am, and I should really be sleeping. I had intentions of working on many things tonight, but did few. I'm more pleased with my topic project posting than usual, though, so I go to bed smiling...


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