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July 26, 2001
I'm in the mood to

I'm in the mood to be impressed by technology. This computer is doing so many things right now, it's pretty cool. And I bet i look funny sitting here with headphones on, sipping water out of a blue tube. I make no apologies for hands-free water supply, though. It's the greatest thing ever.

Just to get it out of the way, I'm listening to music, burning a CD, downloading a show, and displaying several web pages, typing in one. Not to mention running a web server, ftp server, and several other random little system tray jobbies. But I'm really most impressed by the water tube.

Okay, there, now the CD burning software crashed. I had to open my big mouth. Windows stuck it's cock right in there, as if to say, "excuse me, you are using a microsoft product. get used to it." So now it looks like I'm in for a restart. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee. Gonads.

It was fun to steal tonight. Very exciting. When it comes down to it, I'm a wuss about that kind of thing, always have. Maybe it's true. Maybe I am a pushover. It's another flavor of the "You're too nice" routine. Maybe it's the "grown up" version. Gotta be that bad boy. I'm bad, I'm really bad. A bad influence. I don't give a shit for nobody. Least of all you. I could give a fuck about you.


Doesn't work. I'm still that guy. I'll pay half the bill and not say a word. It helps with my whole "holier than thou" patina. Maybe rust is the right word. Anyway, it must help with something, because I keep doing it.

Moesha me left, Moesha me right, Moesha me day, Moesha me night, Moesha me wrong, Moesha me right, Moesha me read, Moesha me write.


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