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July 31, 2001
Oh the volleyball carnage! We

Oh the volleyball carnage! We got our asses stomped very nicely last night, I think the other team was a bit confused.
"Who are these people? They seem to be enjoying this far too much for how much they suck."
But screw them, we suck good.

Two, three days for minimal sleep is catching up with me hard. My lids are droopy, the quiet hum of all these computers is so soothing. So soothing.

Okay, let this serve as my 915th resolution (this year) to write something and work on it for more than one sitting. You know, write like regular people, not like a hyperactive 8 year old. I've been slacking even on the topic project, which is purposely spontaneous and off-the-cuff. I've never counted, but I think it's about a 3 week timeline that I work on. Get all excited, start putting things out, good or bad, but working working. Then hit that mark and start losing confidence, feeling dumb, and then eventually I give up. Well not this time, baby! This time I'm going straight to the top!

Sudden, but expected (unfortunately expected to the point of already being spent) windfall, and my gadgety, silly toy itch is almost unbearable. Gotta do some calculating and make sure I can still afford to eat.

Hey look at me, I'm going back to edit something! Bet you couldn't even tell... See, now I've ruined it.


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