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August 1, 2001
I've lost all sense of

I've lost all sense of my core dump schedule. Now I'm doing it at work, which doesn't really fly. Not that I feel guilty, just that this isn't the place I'm most often "inspired" or "awake". I was doing it in the evenings, but lately I don't feel like I've had any. Evenings, that is. They've been swallowed up by trey shows (good), volleyball (good), and Snatch (that's a movie, don't get excited). Maybe I should switch to mornings. Then I could write stuff like:

White pants.
Black shirt, white pants.
Black shirt, white pants, grey belt.
Balck shirt, white pants, grey belt, no shoes.
Black shirt, white pants, grey belt, no shoes, purple hair.

I had a dream that Denyse was hanging out with Jeff. They weren't doing anything, but they had moved some of my audio/video equipment upstairs. I snuck up on them, and they were watching a movie. I think I shook his hand. You'd think in my dreams I could at least get the chance to tell people off. Oh well. I'm not sure if the dream had anything to do with either of them, or if it was a sign I've been thinking about speakers too much lately. I'm guessing the latter. I want to buy the shit just so I can stop thinking about it. Good tactic. Maybe I should try that with other big ticket items.

Half of my left hand is numb and tingly.


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