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August 3, 2001
I was tempted to do

I was tempted to do self-promote on the topic project, but I resisted. I was as always self-referential, buit I think that's the idea. Maybe I should try a different approach to it. I wonder if any of the other people are completely making some of their posts up. The all have the sound and style of the real thing, but I suppose that would be the mark of good fiction writing. Well, one mark anyway. You can have good fiction that is unbelievable, I think.

I have the post purchase blues after my assault on J&R this evening. Or their assault on me. Either way, I'll need some time to get things all hooked up.

At Union Square today, Denyse and I were crossing the street, with thousands of others, when a woman tryed to nudge her car through the mob. She almost ran over several people, myself included. She was smoking a cigarette with one hand and talking on a cellphone with the other. I made a remark to her slightly open window, something to the effect of "there's people walking here!", and she rolled down her window and threw her lit cigarette at me! Hit me in the shoulder! I was about to reach down and get it to toss it into her lap, but she was getting away, so instead I stood up and pounded my fist on her trunk lid as she pulled away. It was kind of exciting, I was almost hoping she'd get out of the car and start an argument. New York brings out the, well, the new yorker in me, makes me argue. I think that's good and bad, but it's hard to know which is which sometimes.

My mind is scattering, it's time for bed.


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