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August 8, 2001
It's hot! Hey, guess what?

It's hot! Hey, guess what? It's hot! Hotter today than yesterday. Hot. I don't care though, I like hot. Feels like summer. Soon enough, I'll be in Alaska and it won't be hot no more.

Reading the Voice can be so depressing. Too much reality. Injustice all around, and I'm not doing a thing about it. Possibly increasing it, by association. Ick. There was a story about a Kosher Food plant that hires illegal immigrants and treats them like shit. They work 12-16 hour days, no overtime, no drinking water, no vacation. They're given thin latex gloves when they use caustic solvents to clean machines, two men were docked a day's pay because one of them took the other to the hospital after he got his hand caught in a machine. The owners refused to call an ambulance. How is it that this kind of stuff happens here? Who should I vote for to put a stop to it? It's really very, very, very frustrating.

Then I turn the page to a story about a woman on welfare trying to get a degree. Apparently they throw road blocks up at every turn, refusing to count education hours toward the required work hours, as they're supposed to. She has a kid, they pay her $106 every two weeks, while she works picking up garbage on Randall's Island and takes 5 classes. Every couple of weeks she has to go to a hearing to demand that they give back her child care benefits. They discourage her taking liberal arts classes, "approved" classes are vocational and "practical". You can't learn history, sweetheart, that's for rich white people. Learn something useful to you, like typing.

I would say "What can you do?" but I know the answer, and it's "a lot". But I'm not. Not now.

Again, things I wanted to get down, didn't, forgot. At least I can be repetitive. Maybe I'll start tattooing things on myself like the guy in Memento. Or taking polaroids of everything. Film is too expensive. Damn practical considerations. If life were only a movie, I wouldn't have to think about such things.

I've decided to write one "epinion" a day, like the topic project, only easier and more profitable. Hell, most of them will be ridiculous, but who cares?

I'm just remembering, again, that I had another dream about Jeff the other day. How weird. I can't imagine why I've all of a sudden had two dreams involving him in the past week. This one we were in Portugal or something, and on a blacony? Maybe. He was across the street, traveling with someone, one of those guys, I don't remember which. I forget now what happened, but there was some interaction, not necessarily hostile, but something. It's not like I hate him, I don't even ever think about him. I wonder where this is coming from..


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