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August 16, 2001
I suppose I have to

I suppose I have to do this. Have to "dump core". Have to. Can't let it slide jsut because of a vacation away from phones, and thus internet. Can't.

Another can't though, is that I can't relay all that has happened in the past week right now, I'm too tired and it would take too long. I'll do it. Maybe. Yes! I'll do it. And you can't damn stop me. Here's to me.

I've done it once, sort of rough, in outline form (what is outline form? bulleted list?), and I've told a tale or two once or twice. They're still geling. Coming together, that is. Figuring out which parts need embellishment, which should be left out. Hone them. Hone their chant. Hone my chant. Hone Thy Chant.

I will. If ever there is time, I will. And there will be. Time. And one day, I'll write another topic project. Time.


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