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August 20, 2001
I'm a stupid moron with

I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt.
Say fifty times for penance.
Everytime I miss a day of writing, I'll cut off a finger. Pluck a pubic hair. Shave an arabic character into my head. Something, anything.

Catch up.
Alaska. Great! I loved it. End.
Okay, crud. The trip was really fantastic. Alaska is beautiful, it was super to see my old friends, and just nice to get away from the city. It's so quiet up there. And dark. Well, not during the day, or until about 1am, but when it's dark, it's dark. I noticed last night that when it's overcast in Brooklyn you could probably read by the city light. Ick. The wedding was beautiful, possibly the "perfect" wedding. My two oldest friends, one getting married, the other performing the ceremony. They were both nervous, but did great, Zach's shaking voice brought everyone to tears. Even Trigger, the guy with the giant knife (one of the guys with the giant knife) on his belt and tattoos on his head. Oh, and he was named Trigger. I cried too, Trigger.. it's okay.

After the ceremony, we ate, drank, and made merry. There was a kickass bluegrass band and they played on stage for a few hours, then moved over to the campfire and played all night. They slept in a tent, got up and played all the next day. As long as the kegs were flowing, they were playing. Back tot he night before.. There must have been 100 people there, all gorging on pork butt and potato salad. I made a toast right after Becky's dad, and I'm told it was good, though I don't really remember what I said. It was really special to be able to stand up there with Zach and Becky and tell them how important it was to me to know them and to be there with them for such a beautiful day.

Other Alaska tales..
Saw the Northern Lights. Stunning.
Summit flight to the top of Mt. McKinley with return down the glacier. Scale of the tiny little mountain cabin with a plane sitting next to it on the glacier. Stunning.
Shadows, prints, and scat of bears. I realized an important fact about myself: I'm afraid of bears. Walking alone in the woods, even just down to the wedding site and back, the thought crept into my head. Bears. Oh my.
I'll save the story of getting drunk in Anchorage for the Topic Project, since the topic for today is "Last Time I Got Drunk". Another deep one, Anthony.

What else.. Fun with kids! I loved playing around with Malila for a week. She's a very cool kid, I'm impressed with the way Faith is raising her, though I'm sure it ain't easy. It was inspiring though. Reminded me that there are 101 ways to skin a cat, or a child in this case, which I think I had forgotten. At least I think I had become a little worried about my ability to do it. To raise a good, smart kid these days with all the nasty influences around. But it's not so complicated. Just respect them. Keep it simple, stupid. Tired, but true.

When I got back Denyse and I almost started fighting again, which could have been tragic, but I decided that was a bad idea. I went to her work and made nice. She wants to move to Colorado, an interesting idea. Things are a shaking around here, and that's not the only way. Joel is moving in, Dave is coming soon (I think), Laurel is leaving, and I feel things changing. I feel like in 6 months I won't recognize my life. It's a weird feeling because it's all been so predictable for the past few years. Well, I guess not predictable, but stable in a way I'm not familiar with. Wasn't familiar with. With which I was not familiar. It's always been life, unpredicatable as ever, but so much of my time has been consumed by this, this, this "work". It's different. I feel it changing. By the prickling of my thumbs.

Friday night I reserved a room at The Muse hotel in Times Square. I thought we could use some time away. And by away I mean midtown. It was a surprise. We checked in, romped a bit, admired the toiletries, and then went to dinner.

**hours later**

Uhh.. yeah.. Turkish dinner, then went to Caroline's for a comedy show, then to ESPN Zone for air hockey and basketball, then back to the hotel. We watched part of Bridget Jones' Diary, and got to bed around 4:30. It was a fun night, for sure, and we needed it. Saturday and Sunday we wandered around the city, with and without Joel and others, watched a couple of movies, ate some brunch. All in all, a flimmy flammy crippy strippy weekend.

I haven't explained everything here. Least of all the internals. The internals is another blog, another day.


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