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January 29, 2002
Two days in a row,

Two days in a row, it's a miracle. I counted and realized I'd only posted about 6 times in January, a new low, so I'm making up for it these last couple days. Fascinating.

Well, I'm almost all packed up. I'm sitting here typing on my lap, as I took my desk apart. I actually only took the top thing off and could easily put the monitor back up on top and the keyboard on the desk, but I'm into this configuration, it's so geeky. When I leave here the room will be completely empty except my computer sitting on the floor running slapnose.com. I'll try to leave it here until I get DSL up and running at the new place, minimizing downtime. It's vital that I do this so the hordes of people who daily visit my site don't lose interest and start going to, say, luke's site. It's a fierce competition and I aim to win.

Hopefully ole Betty will stay up and running smoothly while we wait for the new connection, which will be, get this, faster!! You'll all appreciate slapnose loading two or three times as fast as it does now, in theory. That is, in theory it'll be that much faster, not in theory you'll appreciate it. Should it happen, you'll certainly appreciate it, non?

I still have to pack up the bathroom stuff and my clothes. That's about it. Oh, and dismatle the entertainment center stuff.

I feel a little woozy from the cheap mexican food I had for dinner, I think it was a bad idea. It was that or olive oil on Doritos, though; maybe I should have just gone hungry. Feel queasy. Maybe I'll have some water. I really feel pretty strange.

I'm excited to get into the new place and get all settled. I'm excited to play the guitar again, regularly. I'm excited to read, to write, to cook (at least to eat), to decorate. I'm excited to watch a movie whenever I want, I'm excited to wash my towels for free. I'm even excited to lower the key down to the street in a little bucket. I'm excited to say, "see you at home". I'm excited. Maybe that's why I feel like throwing up.


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