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February 4, 2002
I have a good excuse

I have a good excuse this time. I havenít sat in front of a computer for 4 days!! I tell ya, sometimes it seems harder than a month without beer.

Speaking of a month without beer, itís over. What have I learned? I learned a couple of things. First and foremost I learned that I really like beer. I also accomplished my goal of getting a good perspective on alcohol and how important it is to my lifestyle. Itís around me all the time, but I didnít miss it all that much or feel very strongly that I wanted some. So thatís good. But I missed it as a relaxer, a nice thing after a long day (oh my aching back), and a social lubricant. My social life was dry and scratchy, causing occasional chafing, and started to crack and peel by the end. Other lubricants just didnít do the trick. Once, at a party, I was in a particularly uninteresting conversation and I thought, ďThis could sure use some lube.Ē but I couldnít drink, so I spit on the guy. It definitely made the situation more interesting, but I still donít think itís the way to go.

And so, a toast, in the words of a great modern philosopher, ďTo alcohol: The cause of, and solution to, all of lifeís problems.Ē

In other news, we spent 16 hours moving an unimaginable amount of crap (some valuable items too) on Thursday, and now itís done. Weíre into Day 4 of unpacking and itís coming along pretty well. Itís lucky we have that extra room. We may have to annex the neighborsí.


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