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February 12, 2002
Oh good golly, it's been

Oh good golly, it's been over a week. Busy busy busy. Oh, and I still don't have my computer at home, so that doesn't help any. Now we have this flashy G4 hooked up, though, so I can use this. It's a Mac, and it's a dialup connection, but waddayagonnado...

Work, volleyball, unpacking (not very much), the fine art of exploratory home improvements. That's when you don't know what you're doing but you drill holes in the walls anyway. It's fun, I recommend it. That reminds me, we need to get renter's insurance. I sure hope nobody reading this blog thinks to rob us before we do.

Work-wise, my very first ever work created thingie went live last week and I'm ever so proud. I'm not really all that proud, but I'm pretending to be. I'm a little bit proud. I'm working on another one now, very exciting. Again, the content isn't much, but it's good to have something to do. I'm still learning some stuff about html and so on, so I'm relatively engaged. I feel it may wear off one day.

Great time in Jersey this weekend with the old gang. I wonder for how much of my life I'll have an 'old gang'. I'm hoping most or all of it.

I'm very anxious to get the apartment finished up so we can relax here. It's nice how it is, but it's ver undone. We've moved a giant pile of stuff ffrom one room to another a few times, and we're running out of options. Once the shelves are up, we'll be rolling. Shelves are the key. Screw shelves.


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