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March 11, 2002
Yoga, wherein I spend 45

Yoga, wherein I spend 45 minutes trying with various contortions to tear my hamstrings in half (while simultaneously struggling not to fart, a move called Chumbawumba) in order to earn 5 minutes of peace. I believe it may be worth it.

The ideas flow and sometimes rush during those moments, and I must have more of them. The only thing I would add is some way to record the flow without disturbing it. That's the trick, isn't it? Once you're aware of the flow, you're no longer in it, you're watching. So, add to the to do list: A simple, unobtrusive, configurable thought recorder. Wait, that was already on the to do list. Maybe it's beyond my abilities. Come on Science, enough with the wireless web, let's get something really uselful. I had many interesting thoughts during post-yoga-quiet-time, but I forgot many of them. Some while I was still having them.

Speaking of useless gadgets, I seem to have sailed into another phase of aquiring them. I didn't even notice it, but here I am. On Sunday, in some kind of stupor (sounds like stupid), I bought a GameCube. About 2 years ago I did a similar thing with a PlayStation (internal capitalization is big with video games). I played it for 2 weeks or so and haven't touched it since. The logic goes something like, "Well, that was outdated. If I had the latest greatest, I'd get more out of it. That being of course more time spent sitting on my ass playing video games." There's also Theory B, which is that I'm simply not all that interested in video games, but need to be reminded of this once in a while. I'm constantly surrounded by all this techno mumbo jumbo, and despite my efforts, it infects me. I could probably think of cheaper ways to teach myself this lesson.

I've also somewhat accidentally fallen into a fairly extensive upgrade of my home computer, aka Betty. Coming soon: Betty 2K! No, that sucks. Betty: The Quickening. A little better. I'll keep working on it.

So far, I've ordered a fancy new case to alleviate the clutter, and a new power supply to restore our ability to hear what I'm told is the constant danger lurking at our borders (the new one is quieter, in other words). I'm trying to be patient and wait to buy the new processor, motherboard and memory until I get some more money and take care of nagging details like rent. Trying. The GameCube helps to distract me. Ironic, huh?

Lastly, I've gotten numerous anxious emails about the erstwhile announcement of my mysterious non-work-related computer project. Okay, I haven't gotten any, but at least one person has asked me about it, and Liz is sick of hearing about it. Well, the wait is... nearly over. It's not quite ready. It works, and I could say to hell with it and let people using it, as I'm sure thousands are dying to do, but I'd rather work out a few little kinks first. Liz will be away this weekend, so I'll have plenty of time to finish it up, providing of course that she takes the GameCube with her.

Congratulations to Luke, the winner of last weeks coredump contest. Hopefully he's put his winnings into some kind of retirement fund and hasn't blown the whole wad on moonpies.


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