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March 12, 2002
A long exposure shot, taken

A long exposure shot, taken from my rooftop in Brooklyn, of the Tribute in Light, which was turned on this evening.

I like this for a memorial. I guess you can't call it understated, but it has an ethereal quality that appeals. It feels more genuine than much of what swirls around the events of September 11th anymore. Frankly, most people I know don't talk about it very much anymore. I know I don't write or think about it a whole lot these days. When I think of it, I think mostly of the events since then, here and overseas, that have stemmed from that insane day. I'm not happy about most of it, and it doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. In any case, I like the beams of light. Simple, elegant, apolitical, non-denominational.

Remember when I used to write about politics a lot?


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