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March 26, 2002
Usually not a fan of

Usually not a fan of the guilt trip, it does have its uses. I may look like a monchichi, but at least I'm writing something.

Writing here becomes a little unfamiliar when I don't do it very often, and I find it harder to know what the voice is. Who am I telling all this too again? I used to have a somewhat clear, if insanely complicated, organization in my head; people who read this, people who didn't, me, them, you. I took it all into account and crafted a bunch of crap that didn't have anything to do with it. Now I've lost track, but I bet the crap won't suffer. Don't worry.

10 day update in ten words (reverse chronologically): sushi halfpipe stratton volleyball nimprovyc yoga vertigo pizza cat shit

That brings you up to date.

Oh no wait wait wait. There's big news!! My project, long talked about, long anticipated, barely worth it, is finally done. Well, done may be a strong word, but it's, how do you say, versioned. Version 1. Disco. It's fantabulous. I learned a lot doing it, and hey, one day someone might even use it. Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Slapnose Startpage-O-Matic, Jet Groove Edition.

Since it contains no explanation, I'll explanate. This tool helps you to create a nifty "home page", meaning a page you can set your browser to open up to, that has all your oft-used links and such conveniently arranged and spiffily presented. Via the included (no extra charg!) "edit" button near the bottom, you can come back to the generator and move things around, add things, delete things, to your heart's content. And I for one say it's about damn time. You may not have even realized what a great need you have for a product such as this, but here we are.

My favorite part is the color picker. What's yours?

I've also written about 5 pieces of songs, but not one actual song. The pieces range from 1 line to 10, but none of them a song make. Also needed for song status is music, and I keep forgetting that.

Here's a more exciting shot of your shredding host. Tearing up the halfpipe. Woo!


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