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June 2, 2002
Weekend Update: with Me, me,

Weekend Update: with Me, me, me. And about me, me, me. And Liz. And maybe some stuff about Roo.

I don't often write Roo's name, or type it, and it looks kind of funny. When I say it, in my head it's not spelled that way. It looks silly, Roo. Also reminds me of kangaroo, and Winnie-the-Pooh, neither of which do I ever think of when I think of Roo the cat. Maybe it should be spelled Rue, since that's the emotion he most often inspires.

Enough about the cat. Lately I've been very much wanting a dog. I miss having a dog, and I'm noticing them on the street much more often, and cooing at them like an idiot. Maybe it's just a precursor to wanting kids. I've wanted kids, abstractly, for a long time, but maybe when the urge wells up a little, I take it out on dogs. The problem with dogs and cats though, is that they only grow up a little. You get them when they're tiny and adorable, and then they get bigger and slightly less adorable, and often fat and boring. Their personalities don't really change after a year or two. Kids, on the other hand, start out, well, cute if you're lucky, but then they grow and grow and grow. I've been fascinated watching the changes in my niece and nephew, and I only see them a few times a year. Imagine the changes that you'd see every day. I'm most interested in watching a kid learn how to talk. Other than the more primal urge to reproduce, curiosity is right up there on my list of reasons to have kids. I imagine there are thousands of things you can only learn by being directly involved in the raising of another human. Certainly it would give me something to talk about in this blog.

Stayed home from work on Firday and actually got one or two things done. I often think it's just an excuse when I say that my job takes up so much of my time that I never get to do the things I really want to do, but really, when I get a "free" day like that, things happen. I ported this here blog to movable type, as previously mentioned, and finally made some progress on the music recording thing. I actually recorded a song!! I'm not quite up to posting it here, though, it needs a little work. It's a start though, and it was a good test of the all the gizmos and software. I just have to figure all that stuff out fairly well so I can focus on the music, man. It's got to be about the music, man.

Saturday we cleaned the apartment somewhat, and then went for a bike ride. We rode to Coney Island, rode the Cyclone, hit some balls (okay, swung at some balls) at the batting cages, and drove go-karts. Miraculously, our bikes were still there when we got back, so we continued up the Shore Parkway trail, under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, up along the coast of Brooklyn and then back through various neighborhoods to Prospect Park. It was a gorgeous and fun day. The diversity of the nieghborhoods you ride through in this town is staggering, and it spurred equally diverse and interesting thoughts and conversations, from religion to architecture, engineering, fishing, culture, and of course, etc.

Today we were going to play volleyball in the park, but no one showed up, so we bumped around a little bit with Matt and then headed home to play some Super Monkey Ball, and watch the Kings lose a heartbreaker to the Lakers. I meant to put that ceiling fan up today.

Technical note: Liz pointed out the one problem with this new content management system; since it all lives locally on my server, I no longer have any off-site backup of my dumb-ass ramblings. That inspired me to finally burn my docroot to a CD. Of course that's great if my hard drive crashes, but I already have it mirrored to protect against that. If my computer is stolen, catches on fire, or I spill miso soup on it, though, I'm screwed. Well, if it's miso soup, I'll probably still be able to use the CD. So now I'm thinking I should make weekly backups to 4 CDs and mail them to 4 different PO Boxes in four different states. This would protect against theft, fire, japanese food, and most any scenario save all out war. And you know what, if there's an all out war, I think I could let them go.


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