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June 3, 2002
Looks like I'll live. Had

Looks like I'll live. Had a checkup today, I'm doing oooookay, in case you were wondering.

It's a strange experience to go to the doctor with no specific complaint. He asked me a bunch of rapid-fire questions, "Still a test engineer? Getting any exercise? Still not smoking? What about alcohol? How's that knee infection, all cleared up? Caffeine?" I answered mostly honestly. Then he started looking in various orifices, each for about an eighth of a second, and said "good" after each one. I guess that means nothing reached out and bit his little light. I can't imagine what he's expecting to see. Ear 1, check. Ear 2, check. Back of throat, check. I could have had three Oreos in there and he wouldn't have noticed with a split second glance. He's the doctor, though, right? He knows what he's doing. It's not likely that he's seen so many people, so many throats, that he's not even really paying attention anymore. Maybe I'll try to throw him off next time. I could get some special effects goop and make a polyp on my colon or something. (I'm kidding. I was spared the dreaded finger this time. Though he did check my balls, always a favorite.)

In the end, it's nice to feel like everything's working okay, even if it's a pretty cursory check. Nothing made him go "hmmmm" or call in a colleague to see, so I should be thankful. And I've only gained 1 pound in the last year.

After met Liz at City Hall and we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (pictures), and had dinner at Grimaldi's, the best pizza in town. That's it, I'm done.


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well, as your mother I am glad that you're a-ok!