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June 11, 2002
Must blog. Must blog. Must

Must blog. Must blog. Must blog.

Why? I have no idea.

Okay, weekend: Saturday spent alone, sleeping in and watching the rest of Empire Strikes Back. I was trying to watch it critically, to see if my perception of the two most recent Star Wars movies was more about context, age, societal constructs, and other such nonsense, or was really about them being just amazingly crappy movies. As it turns out, they really suck. And the first three really didn't. Empire, at least, was a good movie. Shit, even the special effects seemed more believable. There were, gasp, actually characters!! They seemed to have some kind of personality, and I actually sort of cared about what happened to them, even after seeing it about a zillion times. Not so for Episodes I and II. I don't even remember who the characters were.

So, thinly disguising it as a sociological study with a toe stuck in film criticism, I sat on my ass on Saturday.

Sunday we went down to Point Pleasant, New Jersey to play in our first ever beach doubles tournament. Liz and I played as a team in the B Division, the lowest, and Matt and Celinda joined us as another team. We had a good time but didn't win any games. We played well, though, and I think we'll stick with each other as partners. Seems like we get along pretty well and communicate effectively. We have complimentary playing styles, one might say, and we've seen each other naked countless times. All the makings of a great team.

That's it. This week at work I'm working, still, on the Yoga on Demand project, an interesting yet boring task. I like it because it's mostly mine and it's different from pretty much everything else at Oxygen, but the work itself can be pretty tedious. That's work for ya.

My latest non-work-related-project is coming along too. In the spirit of consistency, and so I can pretend that anyone cares, I'm not telling what it is. This one could take a couple of months.


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Hmm, I might try that... "I think we'd play better if we see each other naked a few times..."

coed naked volleyball? bit cliche no? =P

I have nothing to say, but felt the sudden need to comment. I'm at work. Volleyball and Star Wars movies are both better than work. Maybe I will quit my job in August and come visit you for a week. Love.

Rich, one URL for you: http://www.nakedvolleyball.com/ :-)

that's awesome Luke!!

Hiya Laurel =) seeing you post a comment brought back memmories of the Chelsea Commons, doing brunch.

I wish we could have brunch this weekend. Maybe when I have a million dollars I can fly in for french fries and hollandaise on sundaays. I have a plan to make a million dollars but i'll need a week or two to hammer it out... kay?