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June 17, 2002
Weekend of sloth. I stayed

Weekend of sloth. I stayed home this weekend, for the first time in a while, at least since last weekend. It comes in cycles. Did get plenty of work done on my secret project, though, so that's coming along. It'll probably be at least another week. Maybe longer.

It's funny that people are having little conversations in my comments. Don't you think? I laughed and laughed and laughed.

If anyone's looking for a spiffy dry suit, I'm selling one on eBay. Snatch it up, I'll give you a good deal.

There was some thought about nuclear destruction after seeing The Sum of All Fears on Friday, but it passed. Also there was the Asylum Street Spankers on Thursday and Michael Pemberton and Number 7 (featuring Alec Berlin) on Friday night, both worth discussing, but I won't.

Instead I'll leave you with this fascinating tidbit. In 24 hours, I peed 1250 milliliters. I'm not sure if that's normal, too little, or too much, but considering they gave me a 3 liter jug, I think it's a little on the light side. I did my best.


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drink more water!

okay mom. thanks. i'm having a glass right now.