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July 16, 2002
Okay, let's call this a

Okay, let's call this a beta.

Presenting, for the first time ever, Consuelo.

Finally, I got a shirt cool enough to be commented on by New Yorkers. I wore my new Frank Zappa t-shirt today, I like it very much, and several people at work commented on it, then two people in a space of 5 minutes on the subway. I have arrived.


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Holy hell! it's cool Ant... and im just talking about the help.html, (dont have a webserver atm). I think the road to greatness is paved with good documentation... err... Well, looks cool, just got Christy a digital camera, so this dovetails nicely =).

oh oh, cant post without some alcohol related comment (what would people think?):

One Word: MOJITO

mix it, drink it, enjoy.

MOJITO for sure.

And I'm pleased to meet you Consuelo.

And also Anther... I got a kitten for my new dog. We're calling her Hassle. I'll use this thingie you made to show you pics of Hassle and Dave (the dawg.)


I want to trade our cat for a dog. Or we could keep the cat and have a dog too, but we'd ignore the cat mostly.

I know not of MOJITO, but methinks I should.

Yah, MOJITO! And some caipirinha's while we're at it.

I like Consuelo. I will try Consuelo. I'd like if Consuelo could hang with MySQL one day. Then I'd probably switch from Slooze. Cuz' Consuelo's a way cooler name.

And all this time I suspected you had a mistress after I heard you mumbling "ay yai yai consuelo" in your sleep.

Misplaced jealousy...

Hooray for the beta!