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July 29, 2002
Bugs fixed.. Thanks to everyone

Bugs fixed.. Thanks to everyone who tried it out on their Macs for me, it turned out, for those of you interested in such things, that Mac IE 5 doesn't like images to have align="middle", though that's been a standard tag for years. So I took them out, and there ya go.

I also removed the stylesheet switching code because it seemed to be causing some problems. As I was taking it out, I realized that it probably wasn't the code that caused the problems, but me, because I put it in the wrong place. But I took it out anyway. Orange was the overwhelming favorite, and I'd like to come up with some more diverse designs before I go off half-cocked stylesheet-a-switchin'.

Oh, one more technical note: As usual, whenever I make any changes to coredump, my random quote thing on the home page is broken. It's a pretty crappy script, obviously, not very flexible at all. I don't think I'll fix it tonight though, it's too damn hot.

Went to a Mets game on Sunday in the stiffling heat with Sonja (Son-butt-ja to her friends). We had field box seats, about 40 feet from the field, so that was fun. The differences between a Mets game and a Yankee game (this was my first Mets game) were many. This felt like a minor-league game, just in a big ballpark. Jets fly over at about 1000 feet constantly, the announcer sounds like he's on qualludes, and the mascot has a giant baseball head. The Yankees are too stoic to even have a mascot. It was also Jewish Heritage Day, so the baseball-head-guy ("Mr. Met"), did traditional Jewish dances on top of the dugout. I tell ya, my Jewish side was moved. What a tribute to our heritage.

Baseball games and other weekend touristy activities show a very different side of New York. People are everywhere, and most of them don't look anything like the people you see day to day in the city. They must be from Connecticut. I would say Jersey, but they looked too fancy. Lots of khaki shorts and spotless tennis shoes with those little ankle socks. And the kids were all complaining that the pitchers wouldn't just throw strikes.

I've lost interest in work lately to an unprecedented degree. It's not like before, when I was just bored, or a bit irritated by one thing or another. Lately it's been downright depressing.

I have other interests, I seem to recall.

From "Dog Eat Dog", a new gameshow that we caught the last 10 minutes of tonight:
Question: In terms of land area, what is the largest country in the Americas?" (this question was repeated)
Answer given: Asia.
After the correct answer was revealed, this contestant defended herself by saying, "Well, I don't live there.".

She won $5000.


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yeah...what a ditsy bimbo. it's girls like her that give the superior gender such a bad rap. or is it girls like me?????