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July 30, 2002
I think if cavemen were

I think if cavemen were brought back through time, to the present, they would be most amazed by airplanes. What a complete reversal of what they held to be true, assuming they held anything to be true besides food=good and tiger=bad. Come to think of it, they'd probably be pretty floored by just about everything, good chance they'd have a heart attack right off. So, let's say a guy from ancient Greece. They were thinking, walking upright, wore robes. They had wheels, gay baths, brutal killings for sport, philosophers. They could probably come to terms with big cities, highways and pay-per-view pretty quickly; it's all just an extrapolation of what they had already invented or adopted. But airplanes? I think they'd blow their minds. They might have even thought of flying like a bird, but shit, I've never heard of a bird that could go from Athens to Constantinople in 75 minutes. They would freak out sitting on a rooftop in Brooklyn, watching the endless parade of jetliners from every direction. The steady, bright one is a star, or maybe a planet, but the rest are moving, fast.

I've rarely seen a sunset so beautiful as tonight's. I took some photos, but I'm convinced that it's not possible to capture the true colors in a photograph. I hope it never is. The photos look washed out or falsely iridescent, even though the real thing was more iridescent than even that, more than you can imagine, and I like it that way. Maybe the photos hint at it, or help in remembering, but they can't really capture it. Not "word for word".

What is it about sunsets and overtures that stirs something so unusual, but so familiar? Is it common, or is it just me, just now? Is that god? I could see how someone would take such feelings and run with them. Tell their friends and family, and they told theirs, and people were down on their luck then, and presto, buddhism.

The clouds seem to congregate at the western horizon, following the sun down. There are no other clouds in the sky, it's like sitting under a technicolor tv weather map, watching the front sail right by. As the clouds get closer to the sun, they seem to catch fire, from the bottom up, until they become a curved line of lavender smoke.

I'm sick today, came home from work early and went to see Men in Black II. A silly movie, in a way, but perspective-nudging too, which I think is why I liked the first one. I can forgive a lot of problems with a film if it makes me think. I sorted my toolbox, which felt like a particularly manly thing to do, and I got a particularly manly kind of satisfaction from it. It reminded me of the beginning of Amelie, which I saw again the other day. Amelie's father is described as loving to take everything out of his toolbox, clean it, and put it all back. Her mother is described the same way, but with her purse standing in for the toolbox. It's one of my favorite movies, added to the short list. I love the style, the look, the message, everything about it. It's the french Harold & Maude.

I'm glad I came home early today, I feel sick, but not necessarily bad. It's good to feel different than usual. Being completely congested with a slight headache, especially in this insufferable heat, has shaken me up a little bit, and that's always welcomed.


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This is one of my favorite posts in a while.

Volleyball update: we won 2 out of 3 tonight. Second game we let them come back from a 7-0 lead. Ugg. But everyone played great overall. We missed you.