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October 9, 2002
Went to Seattle, watched Rich

Went to Seattle, watched Rich get married. Now I'm back. Want more details?

Okay, here they are:
So many of the people I normally hang out with in New York were in Seattle, it just seemed like a transplanted weekend. It was great to see Rich though, and to watch him get married. As he walked down the aisle when it was all over, his head looked like it would pop. Go Rich.

The wedding broke up pretty early, so many of us went back to one of the hotels, with most of the booze in tow, and drank it. Not quite all of it, but we made a valiant effort. A good time was had.

Liz and I stayed at her friend Jen's house, though she and her boyfriend were out of town. We enjoyed their hot tub and limited video collection, as well as the various long haired cats. Yum.

It was a short trip, but nice. Didn't wear me out, left me feeling refreshed and happy.

Yesterday I had lunch and a couple of drinks with Denyse. For the first time it was pretty comfortable, we talked about our significant others without awkwardness and it felt more natural. It's nice to not feel a conflict there.

I still have yet to do any of the things I meant to do. I'm getting to it. Sort of. I'm getting to getting to it.

Friday is the first anniversary of Liz and my first date, and we're celebrating. I can't say what we're doing because it's a surprise. Read her blog next week, because she's sure to be gushing about it.


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