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October 10, 2002
This is going to give

This is going to give it away, but to hell with it. High Fidelity is right, it's very hard to make a good "mix tape". I say the quotes because, you know, who uses tapes anymore?

Liz is going to know now that I'm making her a mix CD for our anniversary, but she probably already guessed that anyway. It's really hard, though.

The basic dilemma is whether to focus on what is being said in the lyrics of the songs or more on the music. Of course you want to avoid songs like "Baby Bitch" no matter how good they are musically, but most songs are harder to gauge. The hardest thing, basically, is that so many songs that are about heartbreak, loneliness, misery and depression are so damn good. There's something about a lot of the love songs that gets boring. Some of them are beauriful, don't get me wrong, but I just don't want to have to do one or the other, so I fall back on just making a good collection of songs I think are great songs. I guess if I was a rock star, it would be the difference between making a normal album and a concept album. Concept albums are hard, few have pulled off decent ones.

This one is for our anniversay though, so I gotta be careful.


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Have you listened to Alanis Morissette? Liz might like some of her songs..

ha ha ha.. i like that.

I'm currently using an actual tape, one which was sent to me by my Dadda. On the tape is the voice of some Jewish guy with a B-more accent saying, "Okay Steve, this is portion two for Roy's bar mitzvah..." Then he chants a bunch of Hebrew, sounding like a cross between a mechanic from Western Maryland, and that geeky scientist-y guy on the Simpsons. It is intended to help me remember the Hebrew, but instead, I'm memorizing his accent, which should be pretty funny on the big day.

It was weird cause I hadn't seen a tape in a long time. I play it in the car for my passengers.

Also, I think "mix tapes" should have Liz Phair on them, as well as Palace Brothers, CCR, Lucinda Williams, and that "You and me baby aint nuthin but mammals" song. HA!

happy anniversary!

must have mustt must nasrat fateh ali khan massive attackk.k.

i r leet haXOR.

thanks for coming.

oh and /hug moms

My grandfather was born on Fed'-r'l, in Bal'-m'r M'r'-l'n, but his people came from Cum b'r'-l'n.