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November 6, 2002
I'm going to have to

I'm going to have to skip a lot here. It's been, like, weeks.

There were so many things during that period I thought of to write about, but most of them I've forgotten. Some of them are on various slips of paper here and there, or in little notebooks of one kind or another, but they don't mean much to me anymore. I should put more detail into my notes, "customer service" and "stoned artists" just doesn't work.

I voted today, participating in our some-call-it-a-democracy in my feeble, half-assed way. I knew something about some of the races, but not much about most of them. When that happens, I generally just go down the Democrat column, flipping all the little levers. Sometimes I vote for someone who has a cool sounding name, as long as they're not a Republican. Some of the Republicans are probably fine people, would make fine legislators, but when I gotta shoot blind, forget it. They have too high an incidence of psychos. And shit, these days, they don't need my help, they're doing terrifyingly well all by themselves. I also threw in a vote for the Marijuana Reform Party Candidate for Governor of New York. Arguably it was a "wasted vote", though I don't believe in such a thing, but I thought it important that he get at least one vote. Some of us are behind you, Pot Boy!! Go man go. Seriously, it's an important issue to me, and not just because of Twinkies. It's not about people getting stoned, though they should if they want to, it's more about the real problems that cascade from these retarded laws. Problems like overflowing prisons, violent crime, police harassment, privacy issues, important stuff.

Anyway, I voted for him. He lost.

It feels good to vote, even if I'm not exactly the model voter. At least I voted. I have earned the right to complain for another 2 years. It's my bread and butter.

Liz and I have been back and forth to Baltimore/DC/Virginia about a million times in the past 2 weeks, and we're going again on Sunday. Crazy, you say? Yes. It's been good though, rallied against the Iraq nonsense, went to my 10-year High School Reunion (freeeeeeeaky), got kicked out of a bizarre after hours club, but enjoyed the experience, came in second in a Halloween contest at a bar, and did some work on the Badunkadunk. Liz and I are really starting to seriously plan for our trip though, which is weird and wonderful. It's been one of those things, for me anyway, that was just something we talked about, but I never took it entirely seriously, which isn't to say I didn't think we would actually go. But now we're drawing maps, making lists and more lists, then losing them and making them again, buying propane cylinders and seriously considering how often we'll have use for a shower.

We're also coming up with all kinds of little things that we hope to do along the way. Themes we'll explore, things to write about, etc. To wit:
1) I'm going to start writing letters to companies detailing my treatment at the hands of their employees. With every passing day I become more agitated by the state of customer service, and I'm not going to just let it go anymore. I'm going to write letters. That'll show 'em. Really, it probably won't, but it will give me even more right to complain, and maybe I'll get some free stuff. To wit wit:
a) Today I went to the Circuit City at Union Square, surely the most unbelievable example of the breakdown of the service industry of our time. It's like a parallel dimension where there are more employees than customers, and yet none of them talk to you. When they do talk to you, they're hopelessly uninformed about the products they sell. You ask a question, they read the back of the box. I'm sure this service is useful for the illiterate, but it ain't worth a damn for me and you. Today I stood in the car audio section for 30 minutes and not a single employee said a word to me. I did my best "I'm lost" and "What's this doohickey do?" faces, and saw several employees notice me doing it, but to no avail. I guess I shouldn't have been so selfish, it was obvious that the group of at least 6 employees over by the stereos were involved in an important discussion, bopping along to the hip-hop music they had thoughtfully blasting from one of the higher end models. I considered beginning to stuff my pockets with printer cartridges, thinking that might at least attract some attention, but discovered that I'll only go so far to make a point. What I did do, though, was to talk to a manager. Many many times I've simply walked out of that store in disgust, but my new thing is not-to-do-that, so I asked to speak to the manager, told him what a ridiculous shopping experience I'd had, and he took $30 off of my $80 antenna. I was still mad, but I like discounts. So, you see, it works. I still might write them a letter, maybe I'll just write it to my brother, he's a Circuit City black belt.

I'm thinking of becoming a history buff.


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I think you should tell Olivier about the service issues at Circuit City.

yes, do tell olivier about your complaints but be careful, (he is a trained killer)

might i suggest that for a more positive shopping experience you try a mom and pop type store. you will most likely pay a couple bucks more, but usually what you're paying for is better customer service, (and perhaps one more day of mom and pop stores existing in today's world of multi-national-mega-stores). well, i'm off to costco to get a hotdog and maybe a refrigerator

ha ha ha ha ha ha

would that there were any mom and pop satellite radio stores in manhattan, i'd be there, maybe. i do get dazzled sometimes by the blinking lights.

see moab! the canyonlands in spring have like triple helpings of awe.