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November 14, 2002
I absolutely insist that everyone

I absolutely insist that everyone reading this go out and see Bowling for Columbine. Go. See it. Now. I'll wait.

Wasn't that great? I mean, really, this is easily the most important film I've seen in years. If every man, woman and child in America saw this movie, you have to believe something would start to change. How could you stare such an unbelievably terrifying portrait of our "great" country in the face and say everything is going to be okay. We're doing fine. We're not. We're killing each other, killing everyone else, killing the freakin planet, come on.

Anyway, see it. I'm serious. If you want me to pay for the ticket (I'm unemployed), I will. Really.

Oh, I've also lately resolved to write something besides this damn ass journal blog. It's fine and all, and I know you guys can't quite imagine your lives without it, but it only takes me so far. I'm going to embark on a journey soon, and for it to succeed, I'll need to develop some discipline. I have to practice writing things that take more than one sitting; writing things that nobody will ever read; writing something with a purpose other than.... this.

What else.. Volleyball sucked last night, we played like a bunch of no good for anything good for nothings. Saw 8-Mile in surround sound, but it wasn't because of the theater's sound system, it was the people providing delightful commentary throughout the picture. "OOOH!!! DAMN DAWG!!! HIT 'IM AGAIN!!!" During one scene in a hip-hop club, the effect was actually interesting, as the crowd on screen cheered and yelled, it was really like being there. I hit upon the following idea, stop me if you've heard it. Just kidding! You can't stop me.

They should have talking screenings and non-talking screenings. If you want to have a conversation with the characters on the screen, voice your disapproval to their choices, or warn them against going into dark basements, you can see the 5:45, 8:30 or 10:45 showings. Jump up on the seats, throw shit at the screen, sex in the back row, go nuts. But goddamn it, at the 7:30, 9:00 and 10:15 showings, if anyone says anything above a whisper, you're out. No second chances, no warnings, gone.

The Columbine movie and the 8-Mile movie experience both made me want to move to France.


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good choice of a destination :) I approve!

last night's volleyball match makes me want to move to france. ugg.

wait, do they play volleyball in france...?

just went and saw "Bowling for Columbine", which i probably wouldn't have, or waited till it was on video without you extolling it so.