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December 20, 2002
My goodness... Two weeks since

My goodness... Two weeks since I last said anything here. The traffic really starts to drop off if I don't keep spewing it out.

I'm basically all Lott-ed out, though I've said nothing about it here. The guy's a dick, and he got caught with his pants down. I imagine he won't be majority leader for long. I watched his appearance on BET with interest, it was hilarious. My favorite part was when he tried to explain voting against the Martin Luther King holiday by saying, "I'm not sure we in America, certainly not white America and the people in the South, fully understood who this man was". Right, when the congress voted on this issue, in the 80's, people didn't know who Martin Luther King was. He also trotted out the ever-popular "some of my best friends are black" line. Beautiful.

Hold the phone! I just looked, and the man has stepped down as majority leader. So there ya go.

The problem with this whole thing, is that in the end, it will probably be a victory for the Republicans. Lott steps down, showing the party's sensitivity to "ethnic" issues and civil rights, though their platform and voting record still tells a completely different story. If Lott has stayed on, he would have been easy to pressure into a possibly slightly more realistic stance on some civil rights issues, he actually said he was for affirmative action on BET. Whoever they get to replace him will probably have just as bad, or worse, a record on these issues as he does. Bill Frist, Mitch McConnell, Don Nickles; they've all consistently gotten F's from the NAACP and low grades from the ACLU. Hopefully this whole thing with Lott will have more scrutiny focused on these issues and these (stupid, white) men.

So that's politics.

The volleyball team lost it's finals match in lame fashion, but it was a great season overall. It would have been great to win it all since this will be the last season for me and Liz, but it was good anyway. We came in second out of 30 teams in our division. Not bad.

Monday we're off to LA for xmas and..... Disneyland! Woo Hoo! I know my anti-corporate sentiments should have me hating both Disneyland and Christmas, but you know, fuck it. It's a complex world, I'm a complex guy. Gonna see Mickey.

Work continues on the Travelin Van web site, I hope to have something up by mid January or sooner. And to all a good night.


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