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February 3, 2004
Brother, Can You Spare Half a Trillion Dollars?

How about that new federal budget? Pretty sweet, huh? Pual Krugman had a good column explaining why the whole thing will bring our society to a crushing end.

Of particular note is that this year's budget shortfall is projected to be $521 billion. They promise lower deficits in the future, but two years ago, after 9/11 mind you, the same people projected a deficit of $14 billion for this year. Oh well, cut 'em some slack, they were only off by $506 billion.

If you're not into sentences like, "2000 to 2004 security-related discretionary spending rose to 4.7 percent of G.D.P. from 3.4 percent, while nonsecurity spending rose to only 3.4 percent from 3.1 percent," then watch this neat-o cartoon from True Majority. Sums it up nicely, and with cookies.


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