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May 21, 2004
Bush Drops a Bundle

Kos does the math on Bush's spending in the past few months, and it's not a pretty picture. For him, that is.

By the beginning of May, Bush had raised a record $200 million, but only had $72 million left. He's spent $128 million and his poll numbers are the lowest they've ever been.

Kos also points out that Bush spent $52 million in April alone!

Remember a few months ago when the White House was saying that the Bush campaign was pretty much done with the fundraising? Well, their incredible spending -- and lack of results -- means that Bush is going to have to spend much more time this summer drumming up cash.

It can't be good for him to have to spend so much of his time raising money while Iraq gets worse and worse. It seems to me that at some point more Americans are going to be asking where the hell the "war president" is while all this is going on, and what is he doing about it? Other than making the same empty speech over and over again, even to Republican lawmakers.

As Kos points out, it also means that he won't have any time to campaign for other Republicans down the ticket, and that's what has Congressional Republicans really worried.


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