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May 22, 2004
DIA Reports Chalabi Works for Iran

Holy freakin' shit.

WASHINGTON -- The Defense Intelligence Agency has concluded that a U.S.-funded arm of Ahmed Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress has been used for years by Iranian intelligence to pass disinformation to the United States and to collect highly sensitive American secrets, according to intelligence sources.

"Iranian intelligence has been manipulating the United States through Chalabi by furnishing through his Information Collection Program information to provoke the United States into getting rid of Saddam Hussein," said an intelligence source Friday who was briefed on the Defense Intelligence Agency's conclusions, which were based on a review of thousands of internal documents.

The Information Collection Program also "kept the Iranians informed about what we were doing" by passing classified U.S. documents and other sensitive information, he said. The program has received millions of dollars from the U.S. government over several years.

An administration official confirmed that "highly classified information had been provided [to the Iranians] through that channel."

Over the past 4 years, the U.S. has given Chalbi's group $40 million. So we were paying them to give secrets to Iran, and Iran was in turn fabricating intelligence in order to lure us into ousting Saddam Hussein for them. And we fell for it -- lock, stock and barrel.

More importantly, though, it seems that Iran has been trying to pull this shit for years, but it wasn't until the Bush team took office that anyone started listening to Chalabi.

Is it just me, or does this sound like one of the biggest scandal's in history? Watergate was just dirty politics. This has resulted in thousands of deaths and arguably thrown the whole world into turmoil.



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Why can't someone get their orders "mixed up" and just throw Chalabi in the back of a C-130 and fly him to Jordan?

Smells like BS.

"...has been used for years by Iranian intelligence to pass disinformation to the United States...."

If it has been used *for years*, am I supposed to believe that the DIA just found out about it. Am I supposed to belive the Iranians out-smarted our intel. agents.

If this is real, I would have seen it on the front pages of the newspapers, not on the net.

Yes, Virginia, our intelligence agents DO miss things and have — *gasp* — been out-smarted. Remember Iraq? WMD? I rest my case.

This did come from a newspaper, which also publishes on the web. What does that have to do with anything?

It's kind of cute how you think if something had been happening, surely we would have known about it. We know everything!

I would seriously like to know who your "intelligence sources" are regarding this report on Chalabi and the ICP.

It's funny that I've never heard about this until I stumbled on to your site.

This is way after the fact now,but Chalabi has been exhonerated in the Petra Bank affair (you need to investigate that!).

Also,do you remember when the President sent Secretary Rice to apologize to Chalabi?...All a big misunderstanding do to with lies King Abdullah told Bush and had Bush believing them for a minute.

The ICP,at the end of the day, was a valuable program to the DIA,but remember,in the wmd report that all the "Bush lied-people died" crowd like to hold up as evidence to convict AC,only TWO of the intelligence reports were from the Iraqi National Congress.

If the President would have went with the program that was already underway to roll back Saddam,US troops would have most likely (sans Special Forces) not have had to cross the Kuwaiti border!

Today,in September 2007,I feel totally vindicated.

Also,I have no hard feelings for President Bush.Bush has a way of eventually getting to the truth most everytime.He certainly has in this case.

-Terry Teague