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June 9, 2004
Ann Coulter is Really, Really, REALLY Dumb

Is anybody crazier than this woman? It's far too easy to take shots at her, but I can't resist. She's got to be the most irrational person in the country with any kind of significant soapbox.

She was on The O'Reilly Factor on May 27, hawking the paperback version of her most recent "book." Some moments:

O'REILLY: But all seven polls, the ones that come out on a fairly regular basis, he's down significantly, and I think Abu Ghraib hurt him, don't you?

COULTER: Well, more than Abu Ghraib, the media is in campaign mode. I suppose the question is, why isn't he soaring in the polls? He's running against a nitwit, the war is going magnificently well, the economy is picking back up, why isn't he at like 80 percent?

O'Reilly, being slightly less than completely batshit, is forced to challenge her on this staggeringly absurd statement.

O'REILLY: But, you know, I've talked to all of our Fox News political analysts. These are not raving liberals, all right, Ann? None of them come close to telling me the war is going magnificently well. What do you know that all of the Fox News military analysts don't know?

COULTER: People like to be picky and especially if it's their area of expertise -- I mean, ask them what it is that isn't going well. If you look at what everyone was saying before the war began, many liberals that you had on your program were predicting, you know, hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties, retaliatory terrorist attacks at home, we would never get Saddam, it was going to be harder, bloodier than catching Osama bin Laden. The people would not rise up, they would be fighting in the streets, the urban warfare, Turkey was going to attack. These are just some of the things that were being predicted, and none of that has happened.

Oooh, she's got a point there. Oh, wait. No she doesn't.

O'REILLY: I'll tell you. Here's what he thinks has gone wrong. Not enough troops on the ground, number one.

COULTER: Yeah, but that's not a problem. That's something that can cause a problem.

O'REILLY: Well, it's a problem in the sense we can't provide the security that we need to provide for the country to be free.

COULTER: But it's pretty darn safe over there.

O'REILLY: Our Fox correspondents in Baghdad won't go out of the hotel. That's not a good sign, Ann.

COULTER: I wouldn't go out of the hotel in Washington, D.C.

Anyway, she goes on to claim that Rush Limbaugh never said that the torture at Abu Ghraib was no big deal, that the only source of information on how the war in Iraq is going that she trusts is Donald Rumsfeld, and that instead of reporting on the systematic torture of prisoners by our military, seemingly directed and specifically justified by the highest levels of our government, the media should be running four weeks of stories about Pat Tillman.

Now before you dismiss all of this as the ravings of an obvious lunatic -- which is certainly is -- let me chillingly remind you that this woman has sold over a million copies of her books.

Not to mention her talking doll.


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Go Ann