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June 9, 2004
The Devil in the White City

So far, my favorite thing about my new job is the long bus ride to and from.

Besides being a big booster of public transit and eager to put my $3 a day where my mouth is, I've finally found some time to read books. I read craploads of stuff online, but my book reading had really started to fall behind. It was taking me weeks and weeks, if not months, to get through a book, and many books once begun were never finished.

Anyway, it's nice to have captive time like that, away from the computer and the TV. It's one of the things I loved and missed about New York. I'm sure this benefit of the job will move to #2 as soon as I get my first paycheck.

The book I finished today is The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. If you like American history and amazing yet true stories of the kind that make you think, "I can't believe I've never heard about this before," this is the book for you. Well, it's a book for you. It's good.


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