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November 30, 2004
Ridge Resigns

tom ridge

Tom Ridge becomes the latest in a long line of Bush cabinet members who suddenly feel a great need to spend more time with their families, thus leaving room for Bush to install even closer advisors in their place.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, who headed President Bush's efforts to build up domestic security following the Sept. 11 attacks, resigned on Tuesday.

In the latest shake-up of Bush's second-term Cabinet, Ridge, known for his color-coded security alerts and suggesting the use of duct tape in home security kits in case of attack, announced his decision at a news conference after submitting his resignation letter to the president.

"The president has given me an extraordinary opportunity to serve my country in this incredible period since Sept. 11, 2001," said Ridge, the first head of the newly created department.

"I just want to step back and pay a little more attention to some other personal matters."

Ridge told Bush he would stay in his position until February or until his successor is confirmed.

"After more than 22 consecutive years of public service, it is time to give personal and family matters a higher priority," Ridge said in his resignation letter.



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