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December 1, 2004
Verizon Wins PA Fight

Governor Rendell signed the lobbyist-drafted broadband bill.



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Looks like verizon's pledge to reduce the cost of providing broadband internet access to schools/rural areas in PA helped the gov to sign this POS bill - hard for a pol to pass on one of those "public/private partnerships"

And it isn't just in PA, similar legislation outlawing municipal owership of wireless networks has been passed in other states - in an effort to eliminate public "competition" with the "private sector" over public airwaves...


It's reprehensible, especially considering how much in the way of fiefdoms we're already dealing with. The cable industry (pertinent because I just this past week knuckled under and started broadband 'Net access through Comcast) has no direct competition, having been able to carve up the state (I'm in PA, too) into areas where if one wants cable, they only have one choice.

Unfortunately Rendell is following in the worst tradition of the "New Democrat" mold by often being pro-business despite the cost to everyone else.