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December 14, 2004
GOP to Sick and Poor: Screw You

Determined to reduce the budget deficit, Congressional Republicans are looking to cut spending where it's really unnecessary: on health care for the poor and disabled. Because, you know, fuck them.

Driven by his giant imaginary mandate, Bush and his buddies are planning to completely ignore the will of the people they supposedly represent.

Americans, while supporting deficit reduction, are overwhelmingly against targeting Medicaid for big cuts, said Linda A. DiVall, a GOP pollster.

When asked where Congress should cut spending, survey respondents start with trimming the tax cuts enacted by Republicans during the first Bush term, and follow with cuts in foreign aid, corporate tax breaks, the war in Iraq and welfare, DiVall said.

"Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare are the untouchables," she said


DiVall said only 7 percent of the Americans she polled think the government is spending too much on Medicare, and only 6 percent say the same about Medicaid. That contrasts to 59 percent who favor reductions in tax cuts for those with over $200,000 a year in taxable income, according to DiVall.

The Union Leader

Keep in mind that this was from a GOP pollster.

Meanwhile, Bush's planned Social Security overhaul will force the government to borrow another $2 trillion.

Medicaid costs are huge, of course, and guess why: because, according to a new federal report, the system is "excessively overpaying" for prescription drugs, sometimes reimbursing pharmacies 56 cents for drugs for which the pharmacies pay 22 cents. Well damn. Good thing the Republicans made it illegal for the government to negotiate drug prices.

Much more on this from the Center for American Progress.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The fact that anyone supports these people is one of the great mysteries of history. That rhymes, and you know it rhymes. Admit it.


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