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December 15, 2004
Not On A Sunny Day Either

As noted a few days ago, the latest test of our super-duper fantasy missile shield was delayed several times due to rain.

Well, they finally got the test off, and guess what... bupkis.

An important test of the United States' emerging missile-defense system ended in an $85 million failure early today as an interceptor rocket failed to launch as scheduled from the Marshall Islands, the Pentagon said.

A target rocket carrying a mock warhead was successfully launched from Kodiak, Alaska. But the interceptor, which was to have gone aloft 16 minutes later and picked off the target 100 miles over the earth, automatically shut down instead because of "an unknown anomaly," the Defense Department's Missile Defense Agency said.


The test was also to have been the first for the multibillion-dollar program since Dec. 12, 2002. That test was also a failure; the interceptor did not separate from its booster rocket, missed its target by hundreds of miles and burned up in the atmosphere.

New York Times

Show me one (reputable, not working for the government) physicist who really thinks this thing could ever work reliably. Show me one sane person who doesn't agree that the nearly $100 billion spent so far on this program couldn't be put to some better use; like, say nuclear non-proliferation.


Idiots, idiots, idiots.

I want a refund.


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