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December 23, 2004
Gregoire Wins!

I haven't written much about the Washington governor race, but it's been quite a wild ride out here.

Today, King County, the last county to complete the hand recount, after weeks of court challenges announced their results and it's Gregoire by 130 votes, statewide.

130 votes out of 2.9 million. And considering the past couple of weeks, it feels like a landslide.

The Republicans will certainly bitch and whine and probably challenge the results in court, but this, finally, is a completed count by the rules. They'll keep saying ridiculous crap about how she "lost twice" but it won't matter. They'll go around trying to find missing ballots in all of their bedrock counties, even though just a few weeks ago they claimed it was too late to fix mistakes and had sued to stop counting any newly discovered ballots. They'll ooze hypocrisy out of their very pores.

But they'll lose.

Unfortunately, there is the fear that Dino Rossi will turn around and run against Senator Maria Cantwell, and likely beat her due to some massive sympathy vote. You know, since almost half of the state wanted him to be governor, they'll certainly all want him to be Senator, and a few others will figure he deserves something after all.

I'm not too concerned about that scenario. One race at a time.


Previous Comments

Were there many electronic voting machines used in WA elections? Was interested in the nature of the "mechanical" recount that took place...

Also, looks like Diebold - infamous manufacturer of Windows-based, touch-screen voting machines that have a wide variety of security & design flaws which can be easily exploited to manipulate their internal vote counts - has settled with the State of California regarding all the lies Diebold told about how "secure" their voting technology was:


Of course the CA Attorney General also quietly dropped the criminal investigation into Diebold as a result of this settlement - and I haven't heard anything being said about having independent auditing and certification of voting machine technology - so a partial victory to be sure.

Hell, once Diebold has "provide[d] election officials with a better understanding of how to use its voting machines," these officials will understand how easy is to control the outcome of an election. "Election officials," nearly always elected officials or political appointees, will have a strong incentive to not rock the boat on voting security.